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Win the Rufie Award for the Best Rufie site!

Hey there! Have you got an awesome Rufus Wainwright Site? Want more hits and a really cool award? Well, look no further.

To nominate a site, it has to be about Rufus (DUH). NO porno and NO Wainwright bashing. Here are some DOs and DON'Ts that might help ya.

cool pictures
interesting content
nice graphics
giving credit where credit is due
readable colors (please, people, if it gives me a headache to read, I won't bother)
if there's sound, sound control (so I can turn it off or on)

pop-up windows (DAY-um, those are annoying)
sound one can't turn off
illegible colors or fonts
loading time over two minutes
BORING content (i.e., only about the creator<no offense>)
too much blinking text (to be used sparingly, PLEASE)

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