Rufian Libretto
Whiffs of Freon


"Oh, what was that? Here try that again...this time toss it
and say RUFUS! (Pause) That's always been my dream, to have girls to scream
at me and be pummeled with roses." ~ Rufus in Cleveland, after a girl threw a rose on stage.

"In St. Louis, I opened for Barenaked Ladies at this huge arena, and
there were these guys in front of the stage yelling 'faggot'. (pause) It was
just weird, because that had never happened before and I was unprepared.
Plus, I didn't have my faggot-y redneck-repellant gear on that day!"

"I went to Greece with my friend, Cherry Vanilla. We were on the beach and all these oiled up Greek men were trapzing back and forth in front of us. And she is like a 50 year old woman. Oh my god, I am talking so bad. Ok seriously, I love her, I love everyone. Ok, but anyway, she got laid and I didn't!" ~Rufus telling a travelling story

"This is a song I wrote after I had a dream that I was at Marilyn Manson's house. And there was a party. I was hungry and I went over to the eating area. I guess..well..the dining area. And they had a spread of peanut butter and jam sandwiches and chips...and red wine. so, I was eating and there was a commotion in the other room. Everyone was gathered around a man who had taken his clothes off. Because you know, everyone was over-dressed at Marilyn Manson's party anyway. And I, of course, Immediatly fell in love with the streaker." ~Rufus talking about "California"

"I, like, would run into walls and stuff. I was INSANE." ~ Rufus talking about his childhood

"you'll never love me when I'm REALLY famous."~ talking to Jimmy Falon about fame...

"I never had a problem with it, I always knew I's coming out, lettin' the queen loose!"~Bufus talking about his gaydom at the "I Am Sam" party

"Being a homosexual can kill you? I'm stopping."~LOL gaydom again

"Mowing your lawn is against nature!"~Rufus in response to Rev. Sheldon's comment about homosexuality being against nature

"The body parts..don't fit? Oh, THEY FIT!"~Rufus in response to Sheldon's comment about the 'body parts not fitting---'

"She's very mystical in her demeanor. More like elfish, more like wood creature or a gnomish sex mom." ~speaking of Tori Amos, of course...heh

This next song is a song about death, you shouldn't be afraid of it. (leans from right to left) Also, I wrote it on acid, so it should be pretty good..."~RufusBufus(what a Dufus) talking about "In a Graveyard"

"But in a funny way, especially when I go back to Montreal, people tend to say, 'Oh, my God, he wasn't kidding. He really did want to do this, and he really was going to make it.' And they're almost a little shocked. But I've had a lot of practice in front of the mirror, and I've stayed up long enough doing mock interviews with Letterman and Barbara Walters in bed, before masturbating. So I think I'm ready for it."~LMAO oh I have images of Rufus masterbating Letterman...

"Basically, I'm hoping to demolish the mechanism of pop created by the evil
empire. It's like David and Goliath: This record will be a well-polished
stone thrown at the forehead of the seven-headed . . . um . . . four-,
five-headed monster known as the Backstreet Boys. How many of them are
there?" ~yeah, RU! get out your slingshot!

"No, I was mainly into my hand."~in response to being asked if he loved Prince William at an early age.

"Yes, I was up last night covorting with strange people." ~that's what he said about the Chicago show! yay! I'm strange! lol

"Yes, the opera is my church. I go there, and, you know. Confess my sins. interviewer: That would take a long time, I bet. Yes, but some operas are 16 hours long, so..."~yeah, tell me about it...I just sat through Wagner's Ring Cycle...holy sh!t