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Rufus Wainwright Music and Interviews

[insert stupid-but-needed disclaimer] Okay,'s the deal. I have NOTHING to do with these songs; I didn't produce them, write them, record them, or anything. But you knew that ;-) I just found them on the net and posted them up here. [stupid-but-needed disclaimer end]

Music (all in MP3 format)

Click to Download Instant Pleasure

...and here to Download Gay Messiah

He Ain't Heavy...He's my Brother

Rainbow Crossing, Live in Chicago (HILARIOUS)

Complainte de la Butte (from the Moulin Rouge soundtrack)

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

the Gap commercial

Ashes...very pretty

the Money Song

Duncha love this stuff? Well, I really wish I had some more. If you have an AWESOME Rufus MP3 ya wanna share, send it to me by going to the "mailbag" link, and I'll put it up! :-)

Interviews Coming Soon!